We are a group of Latinos from different professions - political scientists, communication experts, sociologists, philosophers, engineers, creatives, marketers and artists - who decided to create a movement to encourage Latinos in the United States to vote.

We have been designing and developing political communication strategies for more than 20 years. Today we see that what we do can help raise awareness about the US presidential election, a decision that will affect everyone.

We stand behind those who recognize and celebrate diversity, and not those who attack that which is different because they do not understand it. The world is a beautiful mosaic of cultures and identities. We seek to convince people from a place of love instead of hatred. It is all about building a world that unites and integrates us, not one that divides or discriminates against us.

Help us fight outdated beliefs which are discriminatory and dangerous for the human race. It is time to build bridges that bring us closer together, not walls that keep us apart. Your vote is a powerful tool to achieve this goal.

Let the voice of Latinos be heard. We know that our power can determine who the next American president will be and thus affect the course of history.

If you think like we do, you are part of this movement.
Share this message with all our Latin American brothers and sisters, and make your passion contagious:

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